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Educated Tastes: Food, Drink and Connoisseur Culture (University of Nebraska Press, 2011).

Genre Matters: Essays in Theory and Criticism. Co-editor with Garin Dowd and Lesley Stevenson.

Selected Articles

Jeremy is the author of many articles on film, literature, food and culture for peer-reviewed journals. Some of these are freely available to read on the web, others require payment from the relevant journal.

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  • Strong, J. (2008) ‘Sweetening Jane: Equivalence through Genre, and the Problem of Class in Austen Adaptations’ The Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance. Bristol; Intellect. Vol 1, Issue 3. 205 – 219.
    To be re-printed in Global Jane Austen, L. Raw and R. Dryden (Eds) Palgrave-Macmillan (2013.)
  • Strong, J. (2008) ‘Review of Dana Polan’s Scenes of Instruction: The Beginnings of the U.S. Study of Film.’ NeoAmericanist Journal. (Vol 3, Ed 2, Fall/Winter 08) The Centre for American Studies, University of Western Ontario.
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